Let's Flaunt those Bottoms!

Let's Flaunt those Bottoms!

Mahrukh Saleem Rajput 2022013Jun 24, '22

Women like experimenting with their dresses. Trousers, lehangas and shararas surely came off from a woman experimenting and trying to look different from others (we should be thankful to her).

The origin of the 70’s statement making clothes

Bell bottoms were women’s favorite back in 1970s. Women preferred wearing bell bottom with tight shirts. Remember Mumtaz wearing a bell bottom in old Hindi movies? Suited her well! The evolution of simple pants into bell bottom is very interesting. In the mid nineteenth century, when an institutionalized uniform did not yet exist in the U.S. Naval force and a few mariners embraced a style of wide pants finishing off with chime formed sleeves. These "bell bottoms" were simply wide-legged pants, as opposed to formed pants that flared underneath the knee. The substantial legs enabled the jeans to be effortlessly moved up off the beaten path for such messy jobs like washing the decks. In the 1970s bell-bottoms moved back into mainstream fashion and it’s also in fashion up till now.

Flaunt your Flare trousers

Frilled and ruffled style trousers are also back in the game and it seems like they were never out of fashion. They were stylish yet simple. Flare trousers are quite in even now. They complement your short kurtis and western tops with elegance and style.


Bold Bow tie pants


Bow tie pants, are the most recent buzz in the fashion. These are truly all over, from the first class design slopes to the lanes of Pakistan or middle class young. Bow tie capris are almost every woman’s hot favourite. Form Mahira to Meera, every celebrity is stealing looks because of their bow tie capris.

Change the style game with Tassel pants

You can never resist the tussles pants with hanging tufts, as they are perfectly match for short tops to knee length dresses. You can flaunt your tassel pant with long shirts too. It looks elegant yet stylish with knee long shirts.        

Flattering Frilled trousers


Frilled trousers are narrower at the top and gently frilled out to the bottom. You can say that it’s quite similar with ghararas. Ghararas are wider and have more frills as compare to frilled trouser. They are little fitted from top and got frills at the end of ankles. They will give you a smart chick look when paired with short shirt. However, they are not ruling the pants fashion. May be because of the shape it forms on the body makes many women uncomfortable.                   

Always in fashion - The Gharara Pants

Remember how our Nanis and Dadis comfortably carried those white wide ghararas at home? They are so loved and never out of fashion. To portray a traditional image of a nani, Pakistan drama still make nani/dadi characters wear gharara and it does look very traditional.  Every wedding is incomplete without them. Ghararas are especially worn in mayoun and mehndi ceremonies. I bet you, 40% women wears gharara pants in one of the wedding function. Today numerous designers and brands are introducing the extensive variety of gharara pants in bridal dress.        

The best part of all these pants are that they suits both your everyday dress and formal wear. Go for cotton, lawn or even with silk with little embroidery, these styles are so engaging in their own outlines, that even without shining, pearls, laces or without embroidery they look completely on fleek.

Do tell us about your favorite style of bottoms or if you have ever come up with a new improvised style of bottom. We are waiting to hear from your fashion stash.