Get to know us!

Get to know us!

Mahrukh Saleem Rajput 2022013Jun 23, '22

Hello Lovely Ladies, a very warm welcome to you all on our blog. We are so glad you have found your way to us! I would first like to give you a brief introduction about myself. I am Erum Nadeem and I currently run a business called Blossoms by Azz; the venture is about selling branded clothes, stitched and customized according to your own requirements, along with a worldwide delivery service. It's not easy to be handling motherhood, a family, and working 7 days a week ensuring all my customers are satisfied with the services. But when you do what you love, you find a way to make it all come together. My aim has always been to facilitate ladies living abroad for their needs for traditional clothes. Establishing this business in around 2016, we now have grown into a family of customers from all around the world like USA, UK, Canada, Germany and many more places.

For me, this journey has been about creating a family and sisterhood of helping all my customers around the world. Since I launched my website, I always wanted to start this blog. I’m so glad that at last I’m able to do that and we are on our way to have relationships that last a lifetime.

You know what they say: fashion is all about expressing yourself. And for most of us, it's a way to make a statement, a style, and truly be ourselves. Along with that, fashion is also something that connects us; like that sale on Nordstrom. Let's make it a girls trip to shop our hearts out! Fashion brings us together; and that connection plays a major role to help in our everyday lives as we learn to grow, heal and take lessons from each other's experiences. Today, we are all connected through our phones in a digital world, so I hope this new feature on our website is like your best friend; just one blog away to solve all your problems and for you to pour your heart out to us.

As much as I am looking forward to sharing posts, thoughts, and advice, I also hope to get views from all of you and your participation as well. Our blog will have a special feature for you all to share your own writings and allow others to comment on them as well. This blog will be all about women as our motto is “for women, from women”. Our posts will mainly revolve around fashion, lifestyle, beauty, travel, and relationships; but we’re looking forward to see many more topics posted or suggested by you all! So stay tuned and keep your seat belts fastened as we are now set to embark on a journey of adventure, entertainment, drama and much more to come your way!

See you all around, 

Blossoms By Azz